Dictionary of Philosophy was Presented at TNMU

For the first time the Research and Local History Studio “Terpoliany” and the NGO “Institute of National Heritage” presented a dictionary of philosophy at TNMU.

The host of this event was Anastasia Nadkevych, a third-year student of the Faculty of Medicine. She welcomed the participants and wished fruitful work.

Taras Kadobnyi, the co-author of the dictionary, spoke about the history of writing and the importance of the dictionary for medical students.

Oksana Labivka, a post-graduate student of our university and co-author of the dictionary, emphasized the importance of this scientific work in preparing dissertations.

The guests of this event were: teaching and cadet staff, Lastovetskyi Vadym, head of the Ternopil Vocational College with enhanced military and physical training, who noted the importance of cooperation between our schools and the importance of this dictionary for cadets.

Nadkevych Andrii, neurologist, vertebrologist, reflexologist of Mykulyntsi Regional Physiotherapeutic Rehabilitation Hospital reminded the words of Lee Kuban Yu, ex-Prime Minister of Singapore, that the country is successful not when wealthy, and when there are educated and professional people in it.

Leonid Kravchuk, the Head of the Regional Organization of the Union of Slavic Writers, the Head of the NGO “Institute of National Heritage”, presented a certificate of the Union of Slavic Writers to Didukh Valerii, Associate Professor of the Department of Medical Physics of Diagnostic and Medical Equipment, and on behalf of the NGO “Institute of National Heritage Research” presented diplomas and gifts to the cadets of the college and Nadkevich Anastasia and Rybenchuk Marty, the students of TNMU.

A number of measures are going to be implemented for further cooperation between the two institutions.

Information by Anastasiia Nadkevych, TNMU student

Photos by Yuri Kulpa, Press Officer