TNMU Students Visited the House of Mercy

Vladyslav Teslia (group MM-209) and Marichka Matiek (group MM-307), the students of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University, visited with presents the House of Mercy of St. Veronica of the religious organization “Convent of the Servants of the Lord and Virgin Mary from Matara, Ternopil-Zboriv Archdiocese of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church”.

The nunnery has been under the care of TNMU for several years. The administration, teachers and students of the university help the nurses and their wards: sometimes they need medical advice and treatment, sometimes financial or moral support. But the elderly women need communication, they want to feel needed and important the most.

“Such events are a test of humanity; they show us that we can unite and work together to do a lot for frail elderly women and their carers. Moreover, such an initiative inspires and motivates the students to study and constantly develop,” said Marichka Matiek.

The funds raised during the charity event at TNMU allowed buying the necessary drugs for sick women. Volunteer students treated everyone with fruit, examined and entertained with conversations the residents of the monastery.

Vladyslav Teslia, a TNMU student, said: “I am very glad to join the volunteer work of our university, help people, communicate with them, learn, because it is a medical practice and development of communication skills in working with patients.”

We appreciate the help, support and assistance of the university administration, teachers and students, their deeds of charity.

We can all join the good deeds of caring people and volunteers of TNMU, become financial, material or moral support for the elderly and their caregivers. The packages can be brought to the security unit at the administrative building for Halyna Habor or to the Centre for Educational Work and Cultural Development of TNMU.

Solomiia Hnatyshyn, TNMU Journalist

Photos by the author