Students Scientific Conference on Histology at TNMU

There cannot be a better way to finish Histology Course than in a form of an Annual Students’ Scientific Conference. It was held on the 10th of December 2021 on Microsoft Teams. The main topic of the meeting was Modern Medical Discoveries and Inventions.

The jury members were the teachers of the Department of Histology: Andrii Dovbush, Oleksandra Andriiishyn, Alina Dovhaliuk, Violetta Kulbitska, Solomiia Kramar and Larysa Tupol.

Moreover, the teachers presented new selective courses – “Medical Embryology” as well as “Cell Technology in Medicine”. It gives a chance to pursue interest and broaden histology knowledge even after the end of exams.

The aim of the conference was to extend our knowledge regarding the future development of medicine.

As usual, it was an amazing opportunity to investigate the breakthroughs in medical science, explore emerging technology and encourage students to look further into the future perspectives.

The conference brought up several topics such as “Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy“ (Aleksandra Zofia Zatylna), “Cyborgism” (Saksham Sharma), “Case9 Genetic Scissors” (Akshay Chauhan), “Discovery of “Receptors for temperature and touch” (Faizah Yaseen), “Malaria vaccine” (Jerry Nii Alemonai), “PARP Inhibitors for treatment of cancer” (Shamanay Kumar Sarmah), “Treatment of diabetes” (Sumeya Mohamud Abdulla), “New variant of COVID Omicron” (Farhan Abdi Osman), “Artificial Organs” (Khan Mohammad Kamran). Each participant was engaged on the highest level and performed captivating projects. The atmosphere did not miss out on humour provided by the Professors Team. For the last time we had an occasion to go over funny histological specimens prepared by Andrii Dovbush.

Each student took part in presenting the main achievements of modern technologies in medicine and was awarded a winner certificate.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my research results, gain new knowledge and for winning this conference.

Information by Aleksandra Zatylna