TNMU Students were Assistants of St. Nicholas

During the semester, TNMU volunteer students made every effort to hold many charity events and help as many people as possible. In total, our students managed to arrange about 40 events.

Following a tradition of the university volunteer movement Misericordia, the Institute for National Heritage Research and Local History Studio “Terpoliany”, a number of events were organized on the St. Nicholas Day as part of the project “Mykolai Remembers You”. In particular, the volunteers visited the Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children, the social environment for young people with disabilities “Karitas”, the Regional Training and Rehabilitation Centre at 6 Brativ Boichukiv Street, and its graduate Ihor Baranyshyn. Through these events, volunteers presented the wards with winter clothes, shoes, books, stationery, personal hygiene products, sweets, fruits, and shared the warmth of their hearts. Each girl of the Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children received a New Year dress and accessories as a gift.

The teachers of TNMU joined the charity events as well: prof. Dmitro Vakulenko, Assoc. Prof. Natalia Kaliniuk, Assoc. Prof. Bohdan Olehovych Palasiuk, Assoc. Prof. Bohdan Mykhailovych Palasiuk, Assoc. Prof. Larysa Kravchuk, Assoc. Prof. Andrii Horkunenko, Assoc. Prof. Oksana Bahrii-Zaiats, Assoc. Prof. Zoriana Maihruk, Assoc. Prof. Olha Khristenko, Assoc. Khrystyna Pohoretska, Assoc. Ludmila Patskan, Assoc. Sofia Hrytsenko, Assist. Prof. Stepan Hrytsenko and TNMU students: Tetiana Oper, Andriana Buchko, Illia Sorokivskyi, Anastasia Nadkevych, Khrystyna and Oksana Pelyp, Marta Struk, Viktoria Vakhnovska, Ihor and Khrystyna Maikhruk, Diana Storoshchuk, Diana Sydorchuk, Anastasiia Kolesnyk, Yana Halas, Iryna Boiko, Iryna Derda, Yana Chaika, Olha Kuzmych, Maria Yakymchuk, Viktoria Kysil, Stepan Vankevych, Anastasia Diachyshyn, Kateryna Bondar, Inna Vehera and Sofia Svorak.

Tatiana Opera, the Head of the university movement “MISERICORDIA”