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TNMU Graduates from Poland are with Ukraine with their Heart and Soul

Recently, the Volunteer Centre of Ternopil National Medical University received humanitarian aid from the charity organization “Little Dreams” (London, UK). The load was 1730 kg. From English philanthropists donated tablets 30 kg, infusions 20 kg, antiseptics 25 kg, dressings 50 kg, bandages, strappings, adhesive plasters 40 kg, first aid kits 45 kg, masks and gloves 15 kg, bed linen 85 kg, towels 180 kg, baby food 230 kg, baby hygiene products 95 kg, cosmetics 45 kg, hygiene products 150 kg, sleeping bags 130 kg, diapers for children and adults 120 kg.



By joint efforts antibiotics for intravenous infusions of four different groups, drugs for anaesthesia, drugs used in the preoperative and postoperative periods, etc. were provided to military hospitals and hospitals of Ukraine. All this is necessary to save the lives of our defenders and civilians at the areas of hostilities.


Yanina Chaikivska, TNMU Press Secretary

Photos by Mykola Vasylechko