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Call for applications to the role as BUP Student Ambassador

Work together with other students to develop and promote events and opportunities within the BUP. Becoming a Student Ambassador is a unique opportunity to network and gain work experience together with students from other universities in the Baltic Sea Region.

There are three different profiles that you can choose to be engaged in, the social media group, the research communication group, and the event group. Based on your group you will be able to work closer with the students that share your interest and you will work together in an international context to promote the BUP.

As a Student Ambassador you will:

– get a unique chance to network and, apart from making new international academic contacts, meet your future research and/or business partners
– get a chance to show your regional ambitions, and contribute to establishing a network of BUP colleagues at your university
cooperate and have fun with other Ambassadors
– receive an official certificate acknowledging your work for the BUP.
Application deadline is 15 January 2023
Apply to become a BUP Student Ambassador
Read more about the role as a BUP Student Ambassador.