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Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for Servicemen Undergoing Treatment at Ternopil Regional Clinical Psychoneurological Hospital

On December 6, 2022, Ukraine celebrated the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The staff of TNMU Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology and Department of Neurology together with interns and students joined in congratulating our defenders undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at the Ternopil Regional Clinical Psychoneurological Hospital.

Intern doctors Oleksandr Lozynskyi and Olha Ivanitska together with talented students of our university, members of the “Creative Team” Vitalii Kurinchuk, Tetiana Shevchuk and Iryna Biiak, organized a concert for servicemen who are being treated in the hospital’s neurological and psychiatric departments.

The presenters of the concert were intern doctors Viktoriia Vaidych and Bohdan Kovalchuk.

The students performed many well-known Ukrainian songs, including “Rodyna”, “Stozhary”, “Zaporizhskyi Kozak”, which reminded the soldiers of a carefree life and were intended to support their fighting spirit. Patients of the children’s department of the Hospital also joined in the greetings.

Of course, on this festive day, Ukrainian defenders were not left without gifts, which were prepared for them by the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology together with the Department of Neurology. And after the concert, the soldiers were treated to coffee, tea and goodies.

It was very rewarding to see sincere emotions and hear kind words of appreciation expressed by servicemen after the festive event. We hope that their treatment and rehabilitation will be as effective as possible and that after the victory they will return home to their relatives as soon as possible.

We express our heartfelt appreciation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because thanks to their sacrifice, we can continue to work in our places and bring our victory closer with joint efforts.