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Representatives of “Steel Ants” Volunteer Network of Mykolaiv Brought Unique Accolades to TNMU

On December 16, 2022, representatives of the Mykolaiv volunteer network “Steel Ants” – its head Oleksandr Ukhmanovskyi and Yuliia Bilous – visited Ternopil National Medical University with a thank-you mission. They brought original awards to volunteers and volunteer centres who helped and keep helping the Mykolaiv Region and the South of Ukraine to fight against the Russian aggressor.

The rector of TNMU, Professor Mykhaylo Korda, received a souvenir picture made on a part of the thinnest armour of broken Russian equipment from Mykolaiv volunteers. The drawing was made with the help of a plasma installation by Mykolaiv craftsmen. Every picture has a unique plot.

Tamara Vorontsova, Associate Professor of TNMU, who since 2014 has been an active volunteer, first during the Revolution of Dignity, and later during Russia’s modern war against Ukraine, received a similar gift.

“‘Steel Ants’ is a network of informal associations of Ukrainians from different regions, which directed their efforts to achieve a single goal – victory in the war against the occupiers! And our NGO “Medics of the Maidan” and our Volunteer Centre are proud that we started communicating and cooperating with the people of Mykolaiv almost from the very beginning! For instance, Oleksandr Ukhmanovsky came to our warehouse on March 7! This was the first loading of the car in Mykolaiv! And so, after 285 days of the war, when the Ternopil-Mykolaiv routes became regular, representatives of the volunteer network of Mykolaiv “Steel Ants” came to visit us. The gratitude mission from the East of Ukraine was incredible. So it was the presentation of a luxuriant award (because it is simply impossible to call it a gift)! I am sincerely grateful for the award – it is the merit of our volunteer team of the NGO “Medics of the Maidan”!!!”, Tamara Vorontsova said.

“Steel Ants” implement the “Circle of Gratitude” project, going around all partners and friends before Christmas! “We present the representatives of donors and volunteers who helped us throughout 2022 with gifts from the Ants, Mykolaiv and Ukraine – paintings on the armour of Russian burned equipment. At the end of the week, we visited Ternopil, Rivne and neighbouring regions. The power of the Ants is in unity! And the power of their relations lies in gratitude!”, Oleksandr Ukhmanovsky added.

TNMU Press Secretary, Yanina Chaikivska.

Photographs by Mykola Vasylechko.