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TNMU Students Presented Gifts to Orphaned Children

On December 17, 2022, students of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil Ternopil National Medical University Liliia Berezhnytska, Solomiia Sampara, Gurnish Panesar and Avnish Panesar purchased gifts for Dmytro, Kyrylo and Danylo from Andrii Paltsan’s family.

“We were pleasantly surprised during communication with Andrii. He is a man with a giant heart who takes care of orphaned children. We are very glad that we could join this event. I don’t even know which of us received more positive emotions, the children or us, because I stocked up with wonderful impressions after this evening for at least a month ahead,” Liliia Berezhnytska shared her impressions.

The gifts were bought with the funds of sixth-year students of the Faculty of Medicine, who expressed a desire to create a party for children. Also, part of the funds was collected during a workshop on making New Year’s balls from wool. TNMU 6th-year student Enes Bahadir helped with the collection of money.

As for the workshop on felting New Year’s balls with wool, it was held on December 14, 2022 in the TNMU library as part of the annual TNMU promotion “St. Nicholas will not forget you”. Craftswoman Oksana Chmylenko helped students master the technique of dry felting and make beautiful New Year’s balls. The workshop was organized by the 6th-year students (Group MM-605) of the Faculty of Medicine, Solomiia Sampara and Enes Bahadir under the leadership of Ass. Professor Olena Pokryshko.

The event was attended by Professor Olha Denefil, Yanina Chaikivska, sixth-year students Vita Holub, Ilona Novakivska, Natalia Pontus, Oksana Sereda, representatives of the International Students Faculty Gurnish Panesar, Avnish Panesar, Priyanshu Pratik, Ankit Anurag, Ayaz Manzar, Pulkit Sriwastava.

The participants and organizers were really pleased with the time spent and the results of the workshop. The organizing committee express appreciation to everyone who joined and helped create a special warm atmosphere and raise funds for a good cause!

Little Timur sends greetings and thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts. We are really grateful for the fact that St. Nicholas visited Timur this year as well. He liked the gifts very much and was greatly delighted.

The information was provided by Liliia Berezhnytska and Solomiia Sampara.