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TNMU Team Took Part in the Research and Communication Retreat

The team of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University, which included Vice-Rector for Research, Professor Ivan Klishch, Associate Professors Nataliia Potikha, Oksana Sydorenko, Iryna Borovyk, Sofia Husak and Nataliia Haliyash took part in the “Research and communication retreat”, organized by Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of medical education in Ukraine”, which took place on February 21-22, 2023 in Lviv. The main language of the event was English.

The research team of our university was presented by teachers with PhD degrees in Medicine: Nataliia Bilkevich, Oksana Sydorenko, Iryna Borovyk, Sofia Husak and Nataliia Haliyash who was the team leader with the project “Students insights for advanced medical communication curriculum design”.

The invited scientific supervisor of our project is an international expert, Doctor of Philosophy, Wim Groot, Professor of Health Economics, Professor of Evidence-Based Education at Maastricht University.

Professor Wim Groot’s report on the topic “Advantages and drawbacks of value based health care” presents new approaches to the organization of health care in the Netherlands, as well as specific solutions and ideas about the changes in health care of Ukraine which can help “win the peace” after the victory.

Prof. Wim Groot’s report is available at
Kyrylo Bezkorovainyi, scientific journalist, popularizer of science, co-founder of the publication “Kunsht” presented an interesting report on the topic of how to popularize and communicate science.

The continuation of the scientific discussion on this topic was the panel discussion with experts “To publish or not to publish?”, which can be found at
The event ended with a speech by a professor from Maastricht University on the topic “The impact of EU membership on higher education in Ukraine”. Professor Wim Groot’s report can be found at

The team returned home with a victory in the competition for the best presentation of the research project among other institutions of higher education from Kharkiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi, inspired by new ideas and motivated to implement them.

TNMU team express their appreciation to the entire team of the Ukrainian-Swiss project for the help and support in the implementation of this research.
The information was provided by Nataliia Haliyash and Sofia Husak.