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TNMU Expresses Its Appreciation to Tbilisi State Medical University for Considerable Support

Tbilisi State Medical University is a long-standing partner of Ternopil National Medical University. Cooperation is implemented in research, educational and cultural areas.

This week, our partners and friends from Georgia transferred five thousand US dollars to the charity account of the TNMU Volunteer Centre for the needs of the military, who are courageously and selflessly fighting against the Russian aggressor today. The funds will be spent on the purchase of medicines and medical devices in accordance with the requests of the defenders of Ukraine.

The support of colleagues of Tbilisi State Medical University is important and necessary for us. Our teams are united by many years of cooperation. The administration of this higher education institution from Georgia, its staff and students visited TNMU several times. Teachers of Ternopil Medical University completed internships at the educational and clinical facilities of Tbilisi Medical University.

For several years, we have been happy to meet the participants of the International Student Summer Schools from Tbilisi in the “Chervona Kalyna” recreation centre. The friendship that was born then between Ukrainian and Georgian students continues to this day.

Tbilisi State Medical University is a partner of Ternopil National Medical University in the SAFEMED+ project within Erasmus+ program.

We express our heartfelt appreciation to the staff of Tbilisi State Medical University and personally to its rector, Professor Zurab Vadachkoria, for their constant support in this war, as well as comprehensive assistance in the activities of our Volunteer Centre.

TNMU Press Secretary, Yanina Chaikivska.