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TNMU Signed Cooperation Agreement with CADUS

At the beginning of the academic year, representatives of Berlin office of CADUS, manager Louis Kennedy and medical director Dr. Michail Liontiris visited TNMU.

During a meeting with TNMU Rector Mykhaylo Korda, Head of the Department of Emergency and Simulation Medicine Arsen Hudyma, and Head of the Centre for Simulation Training Halyna Tsymbaliuk, an agreement was reached to hold five courses of continuous professional development for doctors at the Centre. These courses will also be adapted to national standards and implemented in training programs for medical students and paramedics at Ternopil National Medical University.

Courses to be held by CADUS:

– Initial Trauma Management

– Mechanical Ventilation

– Medical Educator

– Blast Injuries

– Mass Casualty Management

In addition, the CADUS organization will provide charitable assistance in the form of necessary equipment for educational purposes in the equivalent of 5,000 (five thousand) euros to support training at the TNMU Simulation Training Centre.

CADUS is a non-profit humanitarian organization headquartered in Berlin. Representatives of the organization have been working in Ukraine since the beginning of March 2022, evacuating the wounded, providing the necessary assistance, conducting trainings, supporting the delivery of humanitarian aid and the recovery of Ukraine.

CADUS projects focus on innovation, sustainability and capacity building at the local level.