Educational Work and Cultural Development Centre

Dear Colleagues!

The staff of the Centre welcomes you!

We are ready to a fruitful cooperation with you in national and patriotic education of the youth!


The university faces many challenges, but the most important is to nurture the citizens of merit, highly-skilled professionals, broad-minded moral persons, who can easily adapt themselves with call of modern life.

Basic principles of student’s personality development as rising doctors, pharmacists, dentists or nurses are implemented at our university. Educational work is focused on the renaissance of national culture, the development of student’s national identity, dignity, responsibility, promotion of respect and love of native country, Ukrainian traditions; Ukrainian language and culture prestige enhancement,  restoration and preservation of historical heritage, respect for national shrines and history, promotion of volunteering, moral, environmental, physical education and healthy lifestyle.

1 Maidan Voli, Ternopil, Ukraine, 46001