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Grants Scholarships and Other Opportunities

Grants and funding opportunities for research projects

Current grants, scholarships and other opportunities

Areas of intervention
– health throughout the life course
– environmental and social health determinants
– non-communicable and rare diseases
– infectious diseases including poverty-related and neglected diseases
– tools, technologies and digital solutions for health and care including personalised medicine
– health care systems

  • CRDF Global – deadline: 31 December 2022, budget: USD 2 000 – USD 30 000.

Objectives: to improve the physical and procedural security of chemical laboratories and facilities. These Chemical Security Improvement Grants (CSIG) contribute to the security of industrial and academic chemical facilities, including their employees and their communities, and aim to prevent the accidental or intentional misuse of chemicals.

  • EUREKA – deadline: 31 December 2025.

Objectives: international European innovative scientific and technical program created for competitive in the world market research and development National Coordinator Body in Ukraine – Ministry of the Education and Science

  • METHODSPACE – deadline: 5 June 2022, budget: up to £15,000.

Objectives: seeking proposals for new technological solutions that support the adoption, development and application of established and emerging research methods, including quantitative, qualitative, mixed, and computational methods

Objectives: Successful applicants will have made significant advances in applying techniques developed in one domain to address questions in another—for example, methods to investigate problems of causal inference, understand complex networks or perform image recognition have been developed in both social science and life science contexts.

Alternatively, applicants have applied information gained in the life sciences—such as genome-wide association studies, brain imaging, cellular imaging, developmental biology or cellular senescence—to questions related to the collective or individual behavior of humans in the fields of psychology, economics, political science or sociology.

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