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Laboratory of Microbiological and Parasitological Studies (LMPS)


2 Yu. Slovatskyi Street, Ternopil, 46001

Telephone: +38 0352 250539


Laboratory staff: the Head of the LMPS, 3 bacteriologists, a senior laboratory technician, 3 laboratory technicians.

The Laboratory of Microbiological and Parasitological Studies has been established by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Order of the rector of the Ternopil Medical Academy in March 2003.

The LMPS is state accredited and has received the Act for Right to perform measurement procedures in state metrological supervision. The State Accreditation Commission has noted high proficiency and qualification of the laboratory staff in conducting the investigations.

The laboratory is certified by the Commission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for right to conduct studies in health care for 5 years (Certificate No. 000477).

It is allowed to work with pathogens of pathogenicity groups 3, 4 (License No. 04-03/355).

image003Laboratory Scientific Advisor – the Head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology, Academician of the International Academy of Integrative Anthropology, Dr. habil. med., Prof. S.I. Klymniuk


The Head of the Laboratory – a bacteriologist, qualification grade 1, PhD, Associate Professor O.V. Pokryshko

The Laboratory for Microbiological and Parasitological Studies consist of:

  • Bacteriology Laboratory
  • Parasitology Laboratory


Cabinet Bacteriology Laboratory


A laboratory technicians Sobko N.M. working in the Parasitology Laboratory

Area of expertise of the laboratory staff:

  • Human microbial ecology in different age under normal and pathological conditions.
  • Adhesive, antagonistic, anti-complementary properties of microorganisms.
  • Antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria.
  • Composition of microbial biotope of the oropharynx in frequently and chronically ill children.
  • Impact of microorganisms on the development of somatic diseases
  • Plaque microflora in norm and in the presence of orthodontic aids for dental correction.
  • Probiotics in medicine.
  • Helminthiasis.

In 2011 the Ternopil City Municipal Hospital No. 2 has assigned the automatic microbiological analyser Vitek 2 Compact 15 to the laboratory.

image007Microbiological analyser Vitek 2 Compact 15

The analyser allowed implementing faster identification of almost all clinically significant microorganisms and defining their sensitivity to antibiotics. The antibiotic resistant strains revealed in the patients of different departments of the University Hospital are studied, and the results are analysed in order to prevent hospital infections.


Identification of microorganisms and determination of their sensitivity by means of the bacteriological analyser (Assoc. Prof. A.V. Pokryshko)

Within the research work on “Clinical, epidemiological and immunological substantiation of the improvement of preventive and therapeutic techniques in cases of influenza and other respiratory viral infections”  as well as the research work of the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems “Chronic somatic diseases in pupils and students: physiological, clinical, microbiological and social aspects”, the studies of microflora of the oropharynx in patients with influenza and SARS are conducted in the laboratory.

image011 image010

Bacteriological studies (a senior laboratory technician N.B. Chornobai)


Autoclave sterilization (a laboratory technician N.V. Sobko)

The laboratory staff facilitates the students’ individual work during their practical training at the department. Staining and microscopy of smears of the studied material, plating and replating of microorganisms, their identification, and immunological studies are a small number of main practical skills acquired by the students. Students’ Science project group is also running as well.

image013 image014

The students on duty take a set for practical training from the laboratory     Students’ practical training