Laboratory of Psychophysiological Studies


2 Yu. Slovatskyi Street, Ternopil, 46001

Telephone: +38 0352 253793

The Laboratory of Psychophysiological Studies, as a structural unit of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, was established according to the Orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Rector of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University in March 2013.

The Laboratory of Psychophysiological Research is state accredited and has received the Act for Right to perform measurement procedures in state metrological supervision. The State Accreditation Commission has noted high proficiency and qualification of the laboratory staff in conducting the investigations.


Management and conduction of diagnostic functional studies, their informativeness, objectivity and reliability are the main policy of the laboratory.

A scientific advisor of the laboratory manages the academic affairs of the unit.


Laboratory Scientific Advisor – the Head of the Department of Hominal Physiology, Dr. habil. med., Prof. S.N. Vandziuk

The Laboratory of Psychophysiological Research is administered by the head – Dr. habil. med., Assoc. Prof. I.B.Pankiv.

image004The head of the laboratory

The clinical studies of the human body functions and the impact of various factors on them under normal and pathological conditions are performed in the Laboratory of Psychophysiological Studies. The laboratory follows the current legislation of Ukraine and credentials of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The laboratory facilities include 6 functional diagnostics rooms with the latest equipment that allows evaluating the functions of body organs and systems up to the latest world standards. The work of the laboratory technician is aimed at top-class provision of functional diagnostic examination of patients, interpretation of the results of functional research methods, implementation of advanced diagnostic methods.

Room for Functional Diagnostics of Cardiovascular System

Tertiary functional diagnostic examination is performed by a functional diagnostics practitioner.


Deputy Head of the laboratory – a functional diagnostics practitioner, PhD., Associate Professor I.Ya. Papinko

The room is fully equipped according to the current standards for cardiovascular diagnostics.


The up-to-date electrocardiographs Yukard – 200, the computer ECG system Spectrum+, the vegetotester for mathematical analysis of heart rhythm and the computer rheographic system REOCOM allow carrying out functional examinations of heart and blood circulation, functional state of vessels and their top-class interpretation.

Room for Functional Diagnostics of Respiratory System

The examinations are carried out by a highly skilled functional diagnostics practitioner.


Functional Diagnostics Practitioner, PhD., Associate Professor N.Ye. Ziatkovska

Functional examinations of respiratory system and analysis of the results is carried out in the room for Functional Diagnostics of Respiratory System.


The room is equipped with up-to-date digital microprocessor spirographs SMP-21/01-R-D that allows to carrying out examinations of the respiratory system of the human body up to the latest world standards.

Room for Functional Diagnostics of Nervous and Endocrine Systems

Current methods of functional examinations of nervous and endocrine systems are introduced by a practitioner in the Room for Functional Diagnostics of Nervous and Endocrine Systems.

Assistant Professor of the Department Shmata Roman Mykhailovych

Brain examination is performed by means of the high-tech computer electroencephalography system DX-NT32.


This device allows diagnosing and analysing functions of specific areas of the cerebral cortex according to the current requirements for nervous system diagnostics.

Room for Functional Diagnostics of Sensory Systems               

The room is equipped with up-to-date digital devices: the autorefractometer/kerato-refractometer URK-700, the computer analyser of visual field Peritest-300, the non-contact digital indicator for intraocular pressure measurement IGD-02 PRA, the electro-ophthalmoscope, the ultrasonic echo tester Echotest – 02.


Sensory systems examination is carried out by a functional diagnostics practitioner, the Head of the laboratory, Ph.D., Associate Professor I.B. Pankiv.


These up-to-the-minute devices not only determine the functional state of the visual and hearing organs, but also carry out their initial correction if necessary.

Room for Functional Diagnostics of Higher Nervous Activity

The practitioner of this room carries out functional examination of the human higher nervous activity by means of psychological testing, anthropometric studies and evaluation of physical growth and development, as well as analysis of the results.

Functional examinations are carried out by the Assistant Professor of the Department Nakonechna Sofia Stanislavivna.

The examinations are conducted by means of present-day computer programs of human psychophysiological diagnostics. A persistent work of the team on the implementation of the research on “Psychophysiological aspects of adaptation of young people to current study load” is one of the main tasks of the Laboratory of Psychophysiological Studies for 2013-2015.