Functional diagnostics of musculoskeletal system with the basics of muscular testing and electromyography

Department of Functional and Laboratory Diagnostics

Responsible for implementation – assistant Panasyuk Y.V.

The purpose of studying the discipline is: mastering the principles and skills of muscular testing, creating an algorithm for examination of the musculoskeletal system, forming in future physicians understanding of a holistic approach to the human body
As a result of studying the course the student should acquire the following competencies:
Modern functional methods of diagnostics of musculoskeletal system;
Features of Muscle Testing during Functional physical activity;
Ability to recognize the main cause of pain in diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
To evaluate the myotatic reflex under isometric loading, which allows to determine the cause of functional and organic body disorders, as well as to form the most effective treatment algorithm based on changes in the activity of the skeletal muscle reflex;
Be able to conduct electromyographic examination;
Be able to interpret the electromyographic examination data obtained.