History of Medicine

Department of Public Health and Healthcare Management

Responsible for implementation – Assoc. Prof. Slobodian N.O.

The history of medicine is one of the sections of general history culture of mankind. It considers the development of knowledge related to diseases, human treatment, and preservation and strengthening theirs health. The content of medicine, the quality of medical care, the level of precautionary measures, the position of medical staff has always depended on the socio-economic conditions of human life, the social system, the development of
natural sciences, philosophy, technology. Therefore, to study the history of medicine, correctly understand its development can only be inextricably linked with the general history of mankind. Since modern medicine is a system of scientific knowledge about the health and disease of a person in terms of its individual and social life, this science has a biosocial character.
Why do doctors need to know the world and national history of medicine? The correct analysis of the past of medical science allows us to understand not only the progressive phases of medicine, but also the periods of stagnation or regression. This is a significant advantage, because knowing the negative experiences of the past, future errors can be avoided