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During the first week after regular classes endings, students of the 6th year of the international students faculty practiced the practical skills provided by the curriculum for the 3rd to the 5th courses in order to fully acquire professional competences which could be questioned and happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, the beginning of the war in Ukraine and before late arrival for offline studies.

Classes were held on the basis of the TESIMED simulation training center from April 29, 2024 to May 03, 2024.  Four specialized departments of the faculty and about 100 students, who were divided into 4 working groups, were involved in the event.  One day was set aside for practicing skills from each discipline, which is due to the large number of practical skills and the need for their assimilation and reproduction by students.

We would like to note the active participation of the students in this event and the professionalism of teachers, which significantly improved the quality of knowledge by the students, enriched the content of the educational process and allowed to significantly increase the level of professional training of each student.