Modern civilization and culture

Department of Higher Education Pedagogy and Social Sciences

Responsible for implementation – prof. Melnychuk I.M.

The problems, trends, and perspectives of the modern world require historians to understand the underlying causal relationships that underlie them. Given the importance of socio-cultural aspects of the evolution of the modern world community, the civilizational dimension of historical development is particularly important.
“History of Civilizations” is one of the special disciplines for students of humanities, whose purpose is to provide students with an idea of ​​the civilizational approach to the history of mankind and present, the basic components of civilization affiliation of countries and peoples, to develop the skills of classification and typology of societies based on civilizations. The course focuses on the study of the main problems affecting civilizational confrontation, the collision of civilizations due to the transformation of the bipolar world into a unipolar and subsequently multipolar, as well as the issue of civilizational self-identification.
The subject of study of the discipline is the study of basic civilization theories, their essence, as well as the history of civilizations that exist today and
the international, cultural, scientific relations between them. The discipline “Modern civilization and culture” will enrich the spiritual world of students, will form the ability to see and understand the works of world art, will allow us to perceive the world and national culture, civilization as an
integral part of the overall development and formation of personality.
The subject of the course. As a result of studying the discipline, a specialist should know: the basic stages of the development of a civilizational approach to the history and modernity of mankind. Free to navigate the principles of civilizational approach and understand their difference from the constituents of other paradigms, determine the causes of civilizational confrontation. On the basis of the developed skills of independent processing of available information, the student must learn to identify the causes of inter-civilizational contradictions that lie in cultural, linguistic, and ethnic differences.
Purpose of the course: to form an idea of student youth about the cultural and historical process of world civilizations and Ukraine;
– to form a vision of students of spiritual values and priorities of the Ukrainian people;
– to acquaint students and allow to analyze analytically the cultural development of world civilizations and Ukraine in different historical periods;

– describes the peculiarities of world and national culture.