Pharmaceutical development 

Department of Pharmacy Management, Economics and Technology

The subjects of the course «Pharmaceutical development» are: a general approach to pharmaceutical development of new and improvement
of existing drugs according to European quality standards to the planning and carrying out of scientific experimental studies aimed at substantiating the composition of the drug in this dosage form, production process and its control selection of packaging materials; as well as the requirements for the structure and content of CTD’s «Quality» registration dossier in CTD format.
The purpose of the course: «Pharmaceutical development» is to make the professional knowledge of the students deeper and help them to master the
approaches to pharmaceutical drug development, when their quality, effectiveness and safety are built.
The main tasks of the course «Pharmaceutical development» are students’ mastering of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and skills of planning and performing scientific research in pharmaceutical development of the drugs to choice its optimal composition, dosage form, packaging and storage conditions, establishment of its specifications, production and processing.