Religious Studies

Department of Higher Education Pedagogy and Social Sciences

Responsible for implementation – prof. Melnychuk I.M.

The essence of «religious studies» lies in the study of religion as a specific social phenomenon and as part of the individual outlook of a particular person. Religion is a collection of knowledge about religion, theoretical constructs and concepts, scientific interpretations and specific examples and descriptions of it, which are in one way or another oriented towards the discovery and analysis of such a complex and ambiguous phenomenon
of human culture as religion.
The subject of the course of religious studies includes questions of the theory of religious studies; formation and development of secular consciousness; the importance of religious and non-religious factors in the context of new cultural and historical thinking and the consolidation of the humanistic values ​​of the modern world; new approaches of society and personality to religion and church, to free thinking and atheism.
The course “Religious Studies”, submitted by this work program, is focused on the realization of the state concept of teaching humanities and socio-political disciplines in higher educational establishments of Ukraine.
Purpose of the course: The process of humanitarianisation of higher education allows students of higher education institutions to determine their
attitude to religion, church and atheism, to establish a dialogue between believers and non-believers based on the preservation of universal spiritual values.
Knowledge of the history and theory of religion, free thinking, atheism is an important part of a civilized worldview that contains a humanistic tradition of spiritual culture.