NATO Science for Peace and Security call for proposals 2024-2

The NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme promotes dialogue and
practical cooperation between NATO member states and Partner countries based on scientific
research, technological innovation and knowledge exchange. It enables scientists, experts
and officials from NATO and Partner nations to work together to address emerging security
challenges and their impact, by supporting activities in the form of four established grant
mechanisms, which are:

  1. Multi-Year research and development Projects (MYP)
  2. Events, in the following formats:
    a. Advanced Research Workshops (ARW)
    b. Advanced Training Courses (ATC)
    c. Advanced Study Institutes (ASI)
    Through the SPS Programme, NATO has demonstrated its longstanding commitment to
    science, innovation and practical cooperation with Partners. The SPS Programme offers
    funding, expert advice and support to tailor-made, civil security-relevant activities that respond
    to NATO’s strategic objectives. Participation in the SPS Programme enables experts and
    scientists to develop innovative solutions to today’s security challenges, and to build
    partnerships with their peers in NATO and Partner nations.
    For more information on the SPS Programme and its activities, please visit the NATO SPS
    website at

To familiarize themselves with information required to submit a complete proposal, potential
applicants may find templates of the application forms for SPS each grant mechanisms on the
SPS website under the heading “Managing SPS grants”.
However, proposals must be drafted and submitted via the SPS grant platform
( Proposals submitted in any other format or means (e.g.
via email) will not be taken into consideration.
Therefore, interested applicants must:

  1. Register an account on the SPS grant platform.
  2. Identify available opportunities on the SPS grant platform homepage.
  3. Click on “Start application” to access the application form, select the grant mechanism
    they are interested in, and submit their proposal.
    All documents required to submit a complete application are accessible via the application
    form on the SPS grant platform. They are also available for download on the SPS website
    under the heading “Managing SPS grants”.
    Especially for applicants who are not familiar with the SPS grant platform, the SPS Programme
    strongly advises against last minute submissions.
    DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 30 June 2024 (23:59 CET)

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