BUP Teachers’ Course 2024-2025

The focus of the course is to improve the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Agenda 2030 in the learning methods in Higher Education. The participants will get tools on how to integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into their own teaching and study programs in a hands-on way.

The emphasis during the course is primarily to strengthen goal number four which is ‘Quality education’, but also the other SDGs can come into question. The course includes basic facts on sustainable development, with the main focus on ESD and teaching methodology, including e-learning, and peer learning. By planning, developing, and presenting how each participant will better integrate ESD in their own teaching, the objective and outcome of the course are kept on a concrete level. The course also gives tools for feedback and critical reflection.

The course is organised by BUP Finland and it is free of charge for participants from BUP participating universities. Applicants from outside the BUP are also welcome but will pay a fee. Participants will complete online material, exercises, and discussions in groups. Each participant will develop a so-called ‘Change project’ during the course. The ‘Change project’ is based on an already existing course, study program, or a future teaching experience. The idea is to change the content to better integrate ESD. The planning and implementation of the ‘Change project’ will be the main outcome of the course. All the participants will have the support of a critical friend and peer reviews via the e-platform Moodle and during the workshops.

The two in-person workshops are the following:

  • 8-10 October 2024 at Åbo Akademi University, Finland.
  • February/March 2024 (time and place to be decided during the first workshop).

We welcome colleagues to apply to attend until the deadline which is 19 August 2024.

Application form for the BUP Teachers’ Course 2024-2025.

The BUP Finland’s website.

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