Scholars without Borders: Research Grant Application

Scholars without Borders (SWB) is a project designed by the Davis Center at Harvard University in collaboration with American Councils for International Education. It is supported by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York.

SWB is offering individual research grants for Ukrainian scholars affected by the war. Eligible scholars must be located inside Ukraine. Individual research grants are $3,000 each. Grants will be awarded for the 2024-2025 Academic Year, with half the award issued in October 2024 and the other half issued in February 2025.

Candidates can fill out the form in both English and Ukrainian; however, English is preferred. Please note that the CV and research plan should be in English.

Please be aware that all responses must be submitted by July 31, 2024. Any responses received after this deadline will not be considered. We appreciate your timely cooperation to ensure that we can proceed with the next steps of the project without delay.

For questions, please contact the project coordinator, Tatiana Bambuleac (

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