The basics of an anremovable orthodontics

Department of Dental Surgery

Responsible for implementation – Ass. Yu.M. Martyts

The objectives of the scientific discipline are:

– improvement the skills of an examination of orthodontic patient;
– improvement of knowledge about necessary volume of examinations for diagnosis;
– development of different orthodontic treatment options depending on the patient’s age, type and degree of complexity of orthodontic pathology, level of cooperation with the patient and his parents;
– study of leading syndromes and symptoms in orthodontics;
– reasoning and formulation of the preliminary diagnosis;
– ability to interpret the results of the examinations and carry out differential diagnostics;
– to final orthodontic diagnose;
– identification of the main reason led to orthodontic pathology and selection of related specialists to eliminate it;

– Knowledge, detection and elimination of complications orthodontic pathology;
– consolidation of knowledge about principles of complex treatment of orthodontic pathology.
The course is aimed at:
– mastering the principles and methods of diagnostics orthodontic pathology in children of all ages to correct diagnosis and choose the optimal
method of treatment;
– formation of responsibility of the student as a future specialist for the level of training and its improvement during education and professional