The legal status of subjects of medical relations

Department of Higher Education Pedagogy and Social Sciences

Responsible for implementation – Associate Professor Department of Pedagogy of Higher School and Social Science, PhD Kalyniuk Natalya

The actual medical practice has clearly demonstrated that a doctor who does not know his or her rights, duties, rights and obligations, and the limit beyond which he or she is liable, cannot be admitted to professional practice. Therefore, if a healthcare professional does not have basic knowledge of medical law, we cannot speak of his or her competence. Lack of information, lack of knowledge, neglect of their functional duties lead to negative
manifestations in their professional activities.
Purpose of the study: comprehensive training of specialists who will receive the necessary amount of legal knowledge, will know the practical mechanisms of legal implementation, will have a sufficient level of legal culture and justice to maintain the balance of relations between the subjects of medical relations and respect for human rights in the field of health care. As a result of mastering the discipline, students should be aware of the rights and obligations of the subjects of the medical relationship, including the key ones – the patient and the healthcare professional, as well as the mechanisms of protection of the rights of the medical relationship subjects.