Topical issues of orthodontics

Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Responsible for implementation – PhD, assistant. Yu.M. Martuc

The objectives of the discipline are:
improving the ability to examine the dental patient, the study of leading syndromes and symptoms in orthodontics, justification and formulation of a preliminary diagnosis; ability to analyze the results of the examination and carry out differential diagnosis, to make a definitive diagnosis of major diseases, to identify and identify manifestations of somatic diseases in the oral cavity, to determine the principles of complex treatment in the clinic of orthodontics, to identify different clinical options and complications of the most common orthodontic diseases.
The discipline is aimed at:
– possession of basic dental manipulations and methods of diagnosis in children with orthodontic diseases for diagnosis and choice of the correct method of treatment;
– formation of responsibility of the student as a future specialist for the level of his preparation and its improvement during training and professional activity.