Department of General Surgery 

Responsible for implementation – PhD, MD, Associate Professor, Dmytro Fira

Short description of the discipline«Transfusiology» – study of the main topical issues of transfusion forms the basis for further study, improvement and use of the student’s knowledge in clinical practice of internal diseases, infectious diseases, surgery, pediatrics, oncology, anesthesiology and intensive therapy, developing skills to apply knowledge of transfusion in the process of further education and in professional activity. In the course of studying the discipline, the student acquires the skills of blood transfusion, its components and preparations, blood substitutes, starting with the preparation of the patient for transfusion and ending with observation of the patient after transfusion with filling in the relevant documentation; learns to recognize the first symptoms of hemolytic and non-hemolytic reactions and complications, to acquire the skills of organizing and providing emergency medical care in case of their occurrence, to perform the necessary medical manipulations, researches and tests in order to prevent these
reactions and complications.