Academic and recreation center Chervona Kalyna  of Ternopil National Medical University

Academic and recreation center Chervona Kalyna opened on 29 August 2003. Today it includes three large buildings (1 administrative and 2 residential) and 4 detached cottages, each with 3 to 4 rooms. Total area of the center is 10 hectares and it offers a range of facilities: Congress center, hotel, cafeteria, and health center. The health center primarily serves the needs of Ternopil National Medical University, offering physiotherapy, massage, aquatic massage, sauna, fitness center and game courts. Each year, in total 20% of TNMU faculty, staff and students use Chervona Kalyna health services.

Chervona Kalyna congress center became an indispensable venue for annual meetings and round tables with participation of officials from Education Department of MOH of Ukraine, heads of academic departments, vice-chancellors and deans of universities in Ukraine and abroad. To date, Chervona Kalyna congress center hosted more than 1,000 scientific conferences and meetings focusing on key medical and social issues.

Congress center layout creates convenient working environment for scientific meetings, conferences, debates, and seminars, and offers all required audio-visual and exhibition equipment. Congress center staff is prepared to meet all the needs of its customers for event organization and management, including meeting the guests, registration and transportation; setting up meeting rooms and presentation displays; allocation of space and equipment for exhibitions; securing suitable living arrangements, and coordinating entertainment programs and tours. The center has a cafe, restaurant and fireplace room serving Halychyna cuisine. If requested, the staff can arrange catering, including food and entertainment.

Academic and recreation center Chervona Kalyna has athletic facilities for outdoor and indoor sports and , including an outdoor pool, tennis court, badminton court,  ping pong court,  volleyball court, soccer fields, and pool tables. In addition, Chervona Kalyna has a medicinal plants garden, kitchen garden and an orchard with more than 300 fruit  trees producing apples, pears, cherries, apricots for the guests, medicinal plants used in teaching and research, as well as vegetables and cereals for the petting zoo animals.

The center is surrounded by hardwood forest, creating a quiet and relaxing environment. A petting zoo with rabbits, sheep, Vietnamese pigs, poultry and European decorative deer is maintained on the grounds, allowing for even closer interaction with the nature.

The administration and staff of academic and recreation center Chervona Kalyna extend their warm welcome and pledge to do their best to create comfortable atmosphere for the visitors and guests.