The Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) Program/Programme d’etudiants-chercheurs invites (ECI)

The Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) Program that allows students from around the world to do research with our faculty members from across all academic disciplines. Students are able to do their research work in either English or French, as our institution is a bilingual university.

We have students at the undergraduate level (bachelor) and master’s level coming to do their thesis with us or their research placement. PhD students come and do part of their research, or come to do a sandwich program ( 1st year at home institution, 2nd and 3rd years at the University of Ottawa, and 4th year at their home institution).

Over the last years we have received 2 students from Ternopil State Medical University, and it would be our honour to continue welcoming your students to our campus. We would appreciate if you could share the attached brochures with your peers and with any interested students. For further information about the VSR Program, please visit: