Nursing Research

Department of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and General Patient Care

Responsible for implementation –Kulchytskyj V. J.

The current socio-economic situation of Ukraine necessitates the formation of scientifically substantiated areas of increasing competitiveness. The increase in the amount of scientific information creates prerequisites for the training of highly qualified specialists capable of independent creative work. A modern healthcare professional must have deep knowledge and constructive thinking. To become a specialist, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the methodology of scientific research and the ability to practically apply them.

Consequently, scientific preparation of students is one of the important tasks of learning. The discipline «Nursing Research» provides for the formation of culture and research skills, the implementation of their results in practice.

The subject of the course is a system of general principles and approaches of scientific cognition, methods, technologies of cognition that are related to scientific and practical professional activity in the field of medicine.

Purpose: formation of scientific outlook, mastering the methodology and methods of scientific research; assisting students in accelerated mastery of a specialty, achievement of high professionalism; development of students’ creative thinking and individual abilities in solving practical problems; to instill in students the skills of independent research activity; development of initiative, ability to apply theoretical knowledge in their practical work, involvement of the most capable students in solving scientific problems, which are essential for science and practice.