Bases of Chemical Metrology

Department of Pharmachemistry

Responsible for implementing: PhD, associate professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry  Department Mosula L.

It is a science that studies the possibility of applying the basic principles of metrology in chemical analysis. Metrology includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement. The subject of study of discipline is the theoretical bases of chemical metrology and statistical analysis of the results of the chemical experiment in accordance with the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine.

As an educational discipline it laying the foundations for all types of measurements in chemistry, statistical processing of the results of chemical analysis, determining the validity of the results of the quantitative determination of chemical compounds, and foresees the formation of the skills of applying the acquired knowledge for the study of special disciplines and in professional activities.

The aim of the study of discipline is to form the basis of theoretical knowledge and legal metrology and metrology practical skills of chemical analysis, formation based on this framework for practical solutions to practical problems for measuring and processing the results of measurements in production and quality control of medicines.