Medical parasitology

Department of Medical Biology

Responsible for implementation – O. M. Yarema

The aim of “Medical Parasitology” discipline follows the goals of education and professional training programs for graduates of higher medical educational institution determined by the content and system of knowledge and skills, which must acquire medical specialist. The knowledge that students receive the academic discipline of “Medical Biology” is the base for the block courses that provide natural science (block NS) and professional practice (block PP) training. Studying “Medical Parasitology” students forms a coherent picture of the general laws of nature; the essence of life, its forms, individual and historical development of the organic world and man’s place in it; the forms of biotic relationships in nature, the life cycles of parasites and parasitic diseases of man; man’s place in the biosphere; provides fundamental biological training and practical skills for further professional activities of general practitioner and pediatrician.

  1. To determine the place of the animal as a biological object in the wildlife system;
  2. Identify representatives of different classes of animals on micropreparations;
  3. Identify the different stages of the animals life cycle