Bioactivity of inorganic compounds

Department of General Chemistry

Responsible for implementation: Ph.D., Assoc. Zahrychuk Hryhoriy Yaroslavovych, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Kravchuk Larysa Oleksandrivna, Ph.D., Assist. Prof. Boyko Larysa Anatoliivna, Assist. Prof.Kachur Oksana Igorivna

The discipline of “Bioactivity of inorganic compounds” are qualifying disciplines, which helps future specialists to master the most relevant and up-to-date ideas about the biological activity and mechanisms of the interaction of inorganic substances, it used in medical, pharmaceutical and biophysical practices.
Course goals and objectives
In the future medical professionals form the theoretical thinking future forms and the ability to analyze phenomena; formation of abilities and skills for application of chemical laws and processes in the future practical activity; to study of the role of chemical elements in physiological processes of living organisms; formation of the initial level of students’ knowledge, necessary for successful study of special disciplines and realization of tasks of the professional activity.