Меню Закрити

Clinical anatomy and operative surgery

Department of Operative Surgery and Clinical Anatomy

Clinical anatomy and operative surgery is the discipline at the meeting point of theoretical and clinical branches of medical science.It aims to equip students knowledge necessary to work in the clinic. That is the essence of applied aspects of the subject. Study of clinical anatomy and operative surgery includes two interrelated chapters. General clinical anatomy and operative surgery is taught in lectures courses in terms of anatomical and
physiological substantiation of surgical interventions, based on structural and systemic principle, based on latest achievements in theoretical and clinical medicine.
Special clinical anatomy and operative surgery– subject of practical training, which is held in such seminars. In studying topographic anatomy should pay special attention to issues of individual and age variation in the structure of human organs and system (corpses), firmly grasp their applied aspects in diagnosis, as well as developing an individual plan of treatment. Separately stand out for the issue of emergency care in extreme situations.