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Dear Partners,
on behalf of the Rector of University of Security based in Poznań, dr. Andrzej ZDUNIAK
I cordially invite you to participate in V THE INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE  “HEALTH SAFETY” – INTERDISCIPLINARY SHOT” – “Mental health as a special challenge of the 21st century” on 25-27 April 2018 in Giżycko – Hotel Europa (Http://zdrowie.wsb.net.pl/).
The issue of the conference is addressed not only to theoreticians, but also practitioners in the field of broadly understood health safety and includes the following scope:
1. The importance of mental health for human functioning
2. Challenges of psychoeducation and prevention of mental health in the 21st century
3. Contemporary background of mental illness.
4. The impact of stress and burnout on the human mental functioning.
5. Reception and social attitudes towards mental illness in the 21st century
6. The image of a mental illness from a historical, cultural and religious perspective.
7. Mental health in clinical, cultural and legal terms.
8. Mental disorders of children, adolescents and adults – theory and practice
For more information, please contact by the e-mail address: zdrowie@wsb.net.pl
The submission deadline is April 18, 2018.
Best regards / Z poważaniem
Institutional Erasmus + Coordinator / Koordynator ds. Wymiany Międzynarodowej – ERASMUS+
mgr Julita JABŁOŃSKA