Clinical biochemistry

Department of Functional and Laboratory Diagnostics

Responsible for implementation – Marushchak M.I., Doctor of Medical Science, Professor; Potikha N. Ya., Associate Prof.

The purpose of the discipline: students mastering of principles and skills of rational use of laboratory algorithms at various forms of pathology, formation of stable skills of use methods of laboratory diagnostics in the medical-diagnostic process by future doctors.
As a result of the course studying the student should acquire the following competencies:
1. Ability to determine the required list of laboratory and instrumental investigations and evaluate their results.
2. Ability to establish a preliminary and clinical diagnosis of the disease.
3. Ability to determine the principles and tipe of the treatment of diseases
4. Ability to diagnose urgent conditions.
5. Ability to conduct medical records, statistical surveys of public health; processing of state, social, economic and medical information.
6. Ability to assess the impact of the environment, socio-economic and biological determinants on the health of the individual, family, population.