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Dear students!


I.Ya. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University continues to work in full functionality and restores educational process in offline mode, starting from August 15, 2022. Students will have an opportunity to start full-time studies in classrooms and on clinical bases, such as hospitals. However, international students will have three options to choose:

  1. to start classes according to the full-time offline form of education;
  2. to continue studying online;
  3. to continue studying at a foreign university during one semester or academic year according to the academic mobility program.

All conditions have been created for online study at the university. The database of all  video lectures on all topics for all academic disciplines has been created. To ensure acquisition of clinical skills, university departments formed a bank of clinical cases, which include video-based cases, algorithms for performing patient examinations, video fragments of manipulations, controlling programs.

Partner universities from Great Britain, Germany, France provided online clinical cases for TNMU students for their remote study of internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as other disciplines.

Access to the educational platform ‘Lecturio’ has been sent to all international students, which contains a huge bank of video materials on theoretical and clinical disciplines, USMLE Step1 and USMLE Step2 question bases.

The educational platform ‘Osmosis’ (Elsevier Health) provided for students of our university educational video content, which includes more than 2,000 videos, which cover pathology, physiology, pharmacology and clinical practice, with appropriate questions, study cards and notes.

The ‘AMBOSS’ educational platform provided clinical cases to master clinical and theoretical knowledge and skills.

The use of educational platforms of foreign universities and online resources of TNMU will give you the opportunity to fully learn theoretical and

clinical material.


Rector                                                                               Mykhaylo Korda