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Our university remembers and follows its historical traditions and simultaneously provides the latest innovations for the educational process, supports leadership in medical education and science, and nowadays it is a prestigious and powerful educational and scientific center for the training of highly educated specialists.

“Your health is clean air, water and food. Get up in the morning with joy, go to bed with a smile. You are happy, smiling – it means you are healthy. Do not treat the disease, treat your life, live according to the laws of nature and open mind. When there is no health, wisdom is silent, art cannot flourish, strength does not play, wealth is useless and mind is powerless.”
– Herodotus of Halicarnassus

“Medicine cannot save from death, but it is capable of prolonging life, of strengthening morality, of encouraging virtue, of persecuting vice — that deadly enemy of health — it can cure many illnesses that afflict poor mankind, and it strengthens the state and the people by its counsels.”
– Huangdi, Chinese emperor





All in my life is called one word – Ukraine.
It seems to me I’m blind from beauty here.
And stop amazed when seeing all these wonders:
Beloved blue skies and fields, and what is more –
All these are fresh and tender and so dear,
Just simple things – those roads, sycamores.
All in my life – Ukraine in one word.
Eternal beauty and its inner sense
Inspire me to stop and speak to God.

Lina Kostenko


Achievements by our students

Congratulations to our fifth year Medicine student, Julius Angeles Bullo, for active participation as a writer in Oxford Personalised Medicine […]

Leaving one's home country to pursue higher education abroad is a life-changing experience. For our international students, this journey offers opportunities for personal growth, academic excellence, and the chance to embrace cultural diversity.