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Dean’s list and recommendation letter explanations.

Dear students!

Effective immediately, Dean’s office of International Students stops issuing recommendation letters to any student upon simple request. Recommendation letter from the Dean will become an honor, not a standard certificate issued to everybody.

Only students from the Dean’s list in each specific year will have a privilege to receive recommendation letter from the Deans office.

Dean’s list is issued twice a year, based on students ranking of their cumulative GPA (4.4 or above) and successful passing of Krok exams. Only best student, according to the academic performance, are included in the Dean’s list. Next Dean’s list will be issued in May-June, 2024, and only those graduating students, who are in the list, will receive recommendation letters directly from the Dean’s office.

 It is not end of the world if you are not on the Dean’s list. You can always ask any scientific-pedagogical employee from the University (teacher, head of the library or any other University office, vice dean, vice rector) for a personal favor to write for you recommendation letter. You should establish good personal connections with teachers based on your good attitude, high marks, attentiveness during classes, participating in research by doing experimental work, writing research paper, taking part in scientific conferences.

BTW, information about upcoming scientific conferences are posted on the Faculty of international students website, in the news section, so you can check it even now.  


Dear International Students!

You will have yet another opportunity to train your practical skills in medical field, which you have missed due to the COVID-19,  war situation, and late arrival. Please come to the Deans office not later than March, 1, 2024, to register your name for this endeavour.  


Dear international students,

Effective immediately –

All hospital certificates from abroad (to rework missed classes for free) –

  1. Must be from official institution, on a paper with official hospital letterhead, with corporate email present (NOT hotmail, gmail, etc.), with official hospital being searchable on world wide web;
  2. Any applications for reworks without payments with hospital certificates must be submitted NOT LATER than two weeks after the last date of illness, stated in the hospital certificate.
  3. In any case, any hospital certificates for illnesses longer than two weeks will be vigorously verified by the Dean’s office
  4. In any case, the deans office reserves the right to check validity of the hospital certificates, by contacting hospitals and doctors directly by their official email or phone number. If the response from the hospital and doctor is not present, the application to rework without payment will be denied.

Thanks for understanding


Dear international students, effective immediately,

  1. Receipts for the reworks with payments will not be used immediately, because first they will be verified by the teachers with accounting office, if money arrived to the University account.
  2. In each receipt, in the note section, it must be mentioned – “for reworks”, !!ONLY ONE!! subject missed and date(s) of the missed classes. Also, if payer is not the person who missed the class, the person, who missed classes, must be mentioned as well in the note section  – “for reworks of ______”. Receipts with more than one subject will be denied.
  3. The amount must be EXACTLY for the subject, and classes and dates mentioned in the footnote. Please be advised, that one class for 1h 30 min rework is 180 UAH, and one 6h-class (from 9AM till 3PM) is 540 UAH. Please calculate correctly, otherwise, teachers will not accept and significant delays will be encountered.

Thanks for understanding

Dear international students from India, who were admitted to the University after November, 2021!

Here is the briefing of the yesterday’s meeting with Rector –

–          The letter from the Ministry was indeed sent to the Embassy of India in Ukraine, on 22/12/2023 (please see original letter and attached translation)

–          100% sure, graduates from India, are eligible, as of today, for a 2-year internship (Specialty “Family medicine”), but in Ukrainian language, then taking Krok-3 in Ukrainian, after which they will be automatically granted license to practice in Ukraine

–          University is working very hard  to – 1) make this internship in English language 2) shorten the duration to 1 year 3) question about Krok-3 remains open, though if instruction language is English, logical assumption shows up.

–          Some of you were concerned about slow process. Please be advised, that war broke in Ukraine in February 2022, and many other important issues arose in our government.

–          As per Rector’s assurance, there is 85-90% chance, that eventually the problem will be solved.

–          Again, please see translation of the letter (feel free to translate it yourself), of the letter sent from the Ministry to the Embassy of India sent on 22/12/2023

Best regards

Dear international students of the sixth year, spring batch, who are finishing in February 2024!
On Monday, January 8, 2024, at 11:00 there will be a Teams meeting regarding State Exams, with Vice Dean Roksolana Bodnar. Appropriate students will be invited.
Please attend. 


Dear international students!

This information mainly targets students of the third year, who are from India, due to their national authority MCI requirements.

On Tuesday, 09/01/2023, a meeting will be held at 14:30 STRAIGHT (if late, no admission) with the highest University administration regarding post-graduate internship and further possibilities, as demanded by MCI.

Please come to the Dean's office of International Students, first floor, if planned to attend, not later than 14:15 to be sure to reserve your spot in the meeting.



Dear international students!

As winter vacations continue at our University, we can propose you a unique opportunity for health improvement at the Health Resort “Medobory”, all inclusive, with three meals a day, lodging, and health improving procedures included.   

Health resort Medobory is located 25 kilometers from Ternopil in a picturesque location in the woody areas.

The cost is 700 UAH per day.

If interested, please contact Dr. Oksana Lebid at