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As described by Alex himself, his experience in the ERASMUS program had been extremely enriching, both in the student environment and in the personal experiences that being in a country like Spain offered him.

He have visited many places, which impressed him by their customs, gastronomy and architecture, each place different from the next, but united by their rich history.

Thanks to this experience, he was able to acquire greater knowledge in his area of ​​study, since he has been able to witness different medical cases that have helped him to develop professionally. For example, Alex had the opportunity to participate in the “Fifth Ultrasound Conference” of the semFYC, which helped him to better understand ultrasound techniques. Alex Rene was also able to live the experience of scientific dissemination, participated in a UMH radio program, “SALUD AL DIA”, talking about the misuse of drugs such as opioids.

The student was very grateful for such opportunities to the ERASMUS program. “Without a doubt, ERASMUS is a great program that I fully recommend, and I thank my University for helping me to live this experience and being with me every step take”, Alex Rene said.