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This year, on May 21, around 200 final year international students of TNMU took KROK-2 exam.

The exam was held in the shelters of the University with all possible transparency and publicity. Students entered the classrooms only after personal identification, which was carried out on the basis of a passport; in addition, security police officers checked the presence of prohibited technical gadgets. The exam was held as a uniform written test. Students received answer sheets and an examination booklet – a collection of 150 MCQ tasks.

During the exam, representatives of the Testing Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, authorized representatives of TNMU, and security police officers were constantly present in the classrooms.

Similar to the previous years, a large number of international students completed the Krok-2 exam outside of Ukraine at the place of permanent residence or temporary stay. For this purpose, more than 600 testing centers in different countries of the world were involved. Of course, students were worried, because only after successfully passing of this exam, a student has the right to receive such an expected diploma.

We wish medical students only successful Krok-2 results!