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Khan Mohammad Shumayel Athar, a student of the 639 group of the International Student Faculty of TNMU, continue the course of lectures about Healthy food for children of different ages.

This time he was invited to visit the pupils of the 5th year of study of the Ternopil School No. 3 specialized in learning foreign languages. The topic of healthy nutrition is especially relevant at this age.

It is very important to understand which products are useful and which are harmful, and what harm they can cause to the child’s body. Nowadays, advertising promotes the use of fast food and various unhealthy products. So this information which was shown during the presentation will help children to make the right choice of healthy food.

The children were so pleased that they asked Khan Mohammad Shumayel Athar to visit them again.



Associate professor of Internal Medicine department No. 2 Bodnar R. Ya.