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Julius Angeles Bullo is a 5th year medical student who recently attended the 6th Oxford Surgical Innovation Conference on 15th March 2024, which took place at St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford.

This marks his second consecutive year participating in this programme, which showcases recent innovations in surgical practice and policy, featuring lectures, presentations, and workshops led by leading surgeons from Oxford University Hospitals (OUH).

Specifically,  Julius participated in many workshops, including “Rib Fixation” (by Dr Rhona Taberham), where he gained hands-on experience in the surgical stabilisation of rib fractures, learning the intricacies of rib plating using titanium plates and screws, and fixation techniques to improve patient outcomes in cases of severe chest trauma; during his “Laparoscopic Skills” workshop (Dr Ashvina Segaran, Dr Charlotte Yates, and Dr Dennis Mazingi), Julius practiced minimally invasive surgical procedures, mastering techniques such grasping, clipping, insertion, and instruments handling under the guidance of these surgeons.

We cordially congratulate Julius Angeles Bullo on his achievements and continuing pursuit for excellence and knowledge!