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Tuition fees must be paid until September 1 (September 15 for the 6th year students only).

If the payment is made before August 26 (September 10 – for the 6th year students), there will be no need to receive additional written permission to attend classes. In the case of payment after August 26 (September 10 – for the 6th year students), one can attend classes only with the written permission.

Payment may be deferred if a confirmatory document (certificate from hospital, bank, letter from community leader or from embassy) is available. In this case, one should make a preliminary payment (at least USD 700) and apply with the receipt and corresponding supporting document to the Dean’s Office (Dean or Vice-Dean) no later than August 27 (September 10 (fall semester) for the 6th year students).

A student is the only person responsible for payment of the tuition fees which must be transferred directly to the university bank account.