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The Federation of Students of Pakistan-Ternopil supported by Ternopil National Medical University organized a “Mega Medical Conference”, which took place on November 20, 2021 online in the Microsoft Teams platform under the guidance of Associate Professor Olena Pokryshko.

The topic of the conference was microbiology, infectious diseases and pharmacology.

Eight teams of participants presented their scientific achievements and countries. Thus, Bifugha Success, Akinade Rahmat Adedolapo, Otugo Vera Ngozi represented Nigeria and reported on meningitis. Zimbabwe’s team: Pearl Anesu Mpofu, Aleydah Motsi, Tanaka Cliff Nhokwara presented a report on malaria. Mylu Ramirez, Marcelo Solis, Ali Alisson (Ecuadorian team) reported on Deng’s disease. Charul Aggarwal, Shivam Dixit, Sachin Goyal (India team) presented a report on tuberculosis. Kwaku Osei, Dennis Sunten, Gifty Nanna Mensah (Ghana team) reported on HIV / AIDS. Inshal Ahmad, Saleha Mustafa, Zobia Fatima (Pakistan team) presented a study on typhus. Fatima Bintu Bangura, Moses Abdul Sesay, Maria Kallon (Sierra Leone team) presented research on Ebola. Noor Abdul Wali, M.humayun Ahmad Fawad, Abdul Naser Mohammad Ismael (Afghanistan team) talked about hepatitis C.







Professor Petro Selskyi, the Dean of the International Students Faculty, congratulated the organizers and participants of the event on the beginning of studies and wished them fruitful work.

The jury included teachers of relevant departments, including Associate Professors Olena Pokryshko, Anna Maliarchuk (Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology), Natalia Vyshnevska (Department of Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, Skin and Venereal Diseases), Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, Oleksandra Oleshchuk, and Associate Professors Oksana Shevchuk and Halyna Loi.

According to the teachers’ assessment, the Ghanaian team was the first, the Indian team was the second and the students from Ecuador were the third, and the representatives of Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Pakistan took the further places.

Participants and winners will receive certificates.

The Federation of Students of Pakistan-Ternopil expresses their gratitude to Associate Professor Olena Pokryshko for the support of all teachers who took the time over the weekend to active and passive participants of the conference.

A total of 218 people took part in the event. The conference was moderated by Maham Afifa, Talha Tariq and Kainat Khawaja.