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Student documents and money issues

Students of the University are issued the documents, which give them the right to use the library, the hostel, receive discounts and other privileges. The most important are the following:

Contracts (for study, for living in the hostel);

Student’s Card;

Examination Card;

Pass in the hostel;

Insurance policy;

Personal identification code and other documents.


Loss of these documents deprives a student of his rights. Every student should keep the documents carefully and not lose them.

In case of losing any of the mentioned documents, a student has to inform the Dean’s office immediately. In case of losing the National Passport or temporary residence permit, its owner must report about the loss to the police station of the area where the documents were lost immediately, and to receive the document confirming the said loss from the police authorities. After providing this document to the officials at your country’s Embassy, or State Immigration Service in Ternopil, you will be issued new documents.

Money is recommended to keep in small banknotes, so that strangers could not take them easily, or in a bank.

It is necessary to do all operations with currency with a documentary prove of a transaction, proving the legitimacy of the currency transactions. When the documents proving the legitimacy of the currency transactions are absent, the following fine sanctions can be applied: confiscation of goods to the criminal or administrative proceedings.