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Congratulations to our students Simranjit Singh Aulakh and Sanjeev Kumar for publishing their paper titled  “Left Atrial Septal Pouch (LASP) and Cryptogenic Stroke Risk: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies” in  Scopus-indexed journla of the first quartile «Current Problems in Cardiology».

Students noted, «The impetus for undertaking this project stemmed from our shared passion for understanding the intricate relationship between Left Atrial Septal Pouch (LASP) and the risk of cryptogenic stroke. Recognizing the gaps in existing literature and the potential clinical implications of elucidating this association, we were inspired to embark on a systematic review and meta-analysis to consolidate and analyze the available evidence. Our collective desire with co-authors from other countries to contribute meaningfully to the field of cardiology drove us to undertake this ambitious research endeavor».

Close colaboration between two students and their common passion for investigating stroke risk factors enhanced the quality and depth of data analysis, resulting in a comprehensive and impactful research paper. The published manuscript will be interesting to the scientific community and clinical practice specialists, and will inspire further research in this important area.