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This year, on April 23, 2024, international students of the 3rd year took the objective structured clinical exam (OSCE) on the basis of the Interdepartmental Education and Training Center TESIMED in face-to-face and remote mode. It should be noted that OSCE allows testing of clinical competencies. Students practically showed their acquired knowledge in the relevant subjects at different stations: internal medicine – 2 stations, pediatrics – 1 station, surgery – 2 stations, pre-medical assistance – 1 station. Virtual clinical cases were offered to students to solve in remote mode.

The objectivity and structure of the exam was fully ensured by the examiners, which allowed the exam to be conducted at a high methodological level.

The Dean’s office of the International Students Faculty congratulates all students of the 3rd year on the successful passing of the OSCE, and also expresses gratitude to the working group for the organization and conduct of the exam, as well as to all the teachers who were involved in it.